Hyperthyroid Diet Plan


  • The autoimmune antibody lowering diet plan presented by Miduty’s, headed by Palak, aims to address hyperthyroidism by promoting a healthier lifestyle and supporting thyroid function through specific dietary choices. 
  • The plan suggests avoiding certain foods like caffeine, red meat, and processed items while focusing on a variety of nutritious options such as oats cheela, ragi idli sambhar, quinoa upma, various smoothies,  lean proteins, nuts and vegetables. 
  • It includes supplements like Vitamin ADK and Liver detox to aid the reversal of autoimmune problems.
  • The 30-day meal plan offers a diverse range of recipes, incorporating different grains and vegetables to ensure a balanced diet.
  • It is designed to support individuals in their journey towards improved thyroid health and overall well-being.
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